Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And the winner is. . . . .

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first Blog Candy give away! It was so much fun to read your ideas and kind comments. :-) Here's the the original post.

So, the first prize was a random drawing (I used random.org to pick), and that prize goes to lucky #13 Cindy! If you have a minute, go check out Cindy's Creative Blog! She's made some cute envelope scrapbooks you won't want to miss.

Here was her comment:

Congrats on your great blog I just recently found yours and am really impressed by the work you create. As for the UPS man the idea of a gift card is great, maybe also a travel mug that he can use in his truck. They always look so cold in those shorts in the winter!! So maybe a coffe shop and donuts for when he is in a hurry!
Good luck on your move, hopefully you will be on a lower floor this time!!

The second prize goes to my favorite idea for the UPS man. . . . . I really appreciated all the ideas, but since I could only choose one, I had to go with #10 Joni's. I loved the idea as to how to package everything. Here it is:

Here is my idea for the UPS guy. I would deliver him his own UPS box. (you could even make a fake postage stamp and address it to him) Inside you could put lots of snacks, candy and drinks for him to eat throughout the day.

Thanks for the cute idea! I already have the box ;-), so now I just need to fill it.

And, I have a third prize! For this prize I used random.org again to pick a number, and the number was #61. So if I counted right, the 61st comment ever posted on my blog was by Christine! Her comment was posted on THIS card.

So, Cindy, Joni, and Christine--email me to claim your prize and include your address so that I can get your prizes in the mail!

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