Friday, June 24, 2011

Stamp Set Parade--Part 1

In my recent posts I've been focusing on the accessories that will be discontinued as of June 30--but there are a lot of great stamps that will be leaving too!  So, I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite sets that will be discontinued.  For the complete pdf list, click HERE

The #1 set that I will miss the most?  Hands down it is All Holidays!  It is one of my all time favorite sentiment sets, and I use it quite frequently.  I did a search on my blog to find samples with this set and came back with a lot of hits.  :-)  

Here are just two cards that use the All Holidays set:
Original post HERE

Original post HERE.  

Another stamp I used a lot (even though it is a single stamp) is So Many Thanks.  Here are a couple cards using that stamp:  

Original post HERE--shows other samples with this stamp too. 

Original post HERE

All of the "extreme" individual stamps are being discontinued. This card showcases the Extreme Skateboard stamp.  Although these stamps didn't initially seem like 'my style,' I've enjoyed using them for masculine and (particularly) teen and tween cards. 

Original post HERE.  

Another set I've used for the boys in my life is the Lots of Bots set.  This has been a good one for little boy birthdays.  

Original post HERE.  

 Original post HERE.  Note: Here's another card using the All Holidays sentiment set.  :-)  

This has been fun for me to look back through cards using these stamp sets.  Check back next Wednesday for part two of the Stamp Set Parade!  

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