Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've Been Featured!

When Jen C. over at Crazy Stamp Girl sent me an email asking me if she could feature my ribbon tutorial on her blog, I about fell off my chair! Seriously. :-) I am so honored! Talk about making a girl's day! The post that caught Jen's eye and is now featured on her site is THIS ONE.

This all came about because I left a comment on Jen's blog on her Scalloped Baby Banner Tutorial post, and she found my blog from there. Go check out THIS POST on Jen's site to see the baby banner--it is SO cute! Jen is very creative as she figured out how to make the ever popular banner without the Big Shot--she just used her scallop punch!! Jen has lots of other great projects as well, so go check her out by clicking HERE. You may even want to leave a comment. *wink, wink* :-)

And just for fun, I asked Jen to tell me a little about herself so that I could introduce her to all of you. Here is what she said:

"I first started stamping after the birth of my first child 4 years ago. Just on & off--nothing serious.

After awhile, I was invited to a Stampin' Up! party (my very first) by a mom from our playgroup. And, I must admit, I was hooked from the beginning. From there, I booked & hosted my own stamping workshop (and earned lots of free goodies). Not even a month after that, I signed up to become a demonstrator! It's been almost 2 years since I signed up and I am still hooked! I love Stampin' Up!, I love their products and I love getting to meet and stamp with new people. It's a great way for me to enjoy a little time away from my full time job as a mom of three."

Again, Jen's blog is Crazy Stamp Girl--go check her out! Thanks Jen for bringing me a month's worth of smiles!

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