Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gift Card Holder Tutorial

Here it is! This is the tutorial for the gift card holder I posted last week (HERE). Since black paper is hard to photograph, I used different colored paper, but of course the idea is the same. . .

Start with a 4 1/4" by 11" piece of paper. Score at 3", 5 1/2", and 8". Then fold so that you have an "M".
Fold in half and use the Word Window Punch to punch out half of the oval shape. Repeat on the other side.

Here I used the top part of the Round Tab punch to punch out a little more and connect my punches from the Word Window punch. Although, you could use a circle punch, tag punch, etc.
***Note--if you want your corners rounded as I did on the graduation card, do that at this point. Do not glue (the next step) until the corners are rounded.***

Open the card and use either Tombow Mono adhesive or Sticky Strip to glue just the edges of the 3 sides of the middle as shown. Don't glue in the middle as this is where the gift card needs to fit.
After you glue, the base of the gift card holder is ready to go! Now you can embellish as desired.

Here's the inside of the Grad card again:
On the graduation card, I used a belly band as my closure. The yellow band is 1" by 7". The silver band and the scallop square are Brushed Silver card stock.

To make the scallop square, I found these great directions by MJ Albright on her blog Beauty Lies Within. Her tutorial about making different sized scalloped squares with the Scallop Edge punch can be found HERE. MJ did a lot of work for us in figuring out the correct sized paper to start with to get perfectly rounded scallops on the edges! For the graduation card I started with a 1 15/16" square piece of card stock. Just make sure you read all her directions (like I didn't the first time!) and don't push your card stock all the way to the back of the punch. Just line it up with the edge of the scallops on your punch.

And finally, to add the yellow to the Designer Brad (Star Assortment). . . .This is a trick that I saw at Convention and finally got around to trying out. All you need is a Craft Pad and your Designer Brad. Here I used Yoyo Yellow.

First just dip the brad face down into the ink. Take a paper towel and wipe it off. I found it easiest to leave the paper towel flat on the table and rub the brad that way. Then dip again and rub it off again. Repeat about 3 times total.What happens is the ink stays in the depressed areas on the brad and rubs off on the rest. Then just let the brad dry and you have a custom colored brad!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Greata card. Love the colors and how the gift card is inside. great tutorial:)
Have a wonderful day.

Laura Brown said...

This is fabulous! I loved your tutorial - it reminded me of a lot of things I had forgotten!

Karen said...

Alison, Maralee just told me about your blog, It's awesome! I'm sad we didn't get together at convention. Maybe next year (although it's over Mark's 50th birthday). Your cards are still great as ever!

Ann said...

Great color combo, and I love what you did with the brad! Thanks for the tutorial. :D

Lynn said...

Love your gift card holder and thanks for the tutorial!

Kris Kilcoyne said...

CASE'ing you and linking back to your site (tomorrow 5-17-09) for your tutorial.

Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

Zafran ali said...

This is adorable and really easy to make it,Great tutorial.
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Usman Hadi said...

Is there any limit of the folds for such graduation cards?

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Iznia Jonson said...
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Waseem said...

Love the color and how they came out inside..i might need such info when use for plastic cards.